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Laser Tag Guide

Laser Tag is Best Played Outdoors

One of the greatest opportunities that we have is to play outside. With our hectic work lives, one forgets about the outdoors, its benefits, learning’s and pleasures. Outdoor laser tag activities are a great way to bring the outdoors to your employees for a positive change and also get them experience fun laser tag games together. We at GoTeam in Singapore are known to organize all kinds and levels of outdoor laser tag games whether you have a 8 member team or 250 people. Our experience in outdoor laser tag is unbeatable in organizing outdoor laser tag activities in Singapore and we have managed hundred of successful events under the guidance of our GoTeam.

Outdoor laser tag gives you a chance to have a wider play space, move/hide/run easily and most importantly play under the sky. This is a great change in our usual routines and both family/friends and employees immensely appreciate these activities. The outdoors also gives it a more real laser tag experience adding to its charm. A lot of our clients who are more outdoor loving, ask us to organize an outdoor laser tag games for them when the weather is conducive and time is plenty. These activities can be organized at your favourite venue, with as many huddles/ add-ons, and for whatever time duration you prefer. We fully customized your corporate outdoor laser tag activity in Singapore.

Organizations have so many annual events where they looking to reward and appreciate their employees and they are often seeking a uncommon/fun activity for it. Outdoors brings with it a much needed change and laser tag in itself is very unique experience so together this corporate team building activity becomes an overall excellent choice for you. Call us today or drop by at our office, to see all the options we have to offer and to fully customize your team building event.

Team Building with Laser Tag

Building a team is about building every individual in the team and appreciating them for their efforts and inputs. Not everyone has the same experience, and that is why team building activities allow us to understand one another better. GoTeam, the laser tag company in Singapore takes corporate team building games with primary focus and dedication. We ensure that your corporate team building event becomes one of a kind activity day that increases employees’ morale, respect for each other and appreciation for one another.

When engaging in laser tag fun activity, the real colors of each employee gets showcased, employees get to work in cohesion to win their game and this leads to real time display of team coordination, team understanding and team focus. Everyone gets to feel their presence and once the activity is over, everyone gets to talk about the fun game they have just played. When employees are working from their desk, it is difficult to see what an employee is good at in real time, however with team building approach like our superb laser tag activity, you get to see the real tact and presence of mind of each employee, their social traits and cooperation levels. Everyone is a winner at our GoTeam Singapore’s well planned and thought after team outing ideas.

We all have heard that all work and no play can make jack a dull boy and that is why having team building activities once in a while for your employees is a great way to break the dull routine and give them a chance to unwind so that they can rewind themselves at work.

Don’t go for another boring corporate team building games again and waste your efforts, and instead go for something totally unique and fun this time with our outdoor/indoor laser tag team building activities and ideas. We at GoTeam with our extensive experience makes us one of the best folks to take care of your team building event. Plato said that you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation holds true and that is why today most organizations in Singapore are looking for better team building activities, venues and ideas. Our client’s testimonials and customer feedback is proof that our indoor and outdoor laser tag team building activities are top notch and best in class. Give us a call today to see how we can customize your team building event with our unique ideas as per your requirements and needs.

Indoor Laser Tag

Looking for indoor laser tag organizing company in Singapore? We at GoTeam.com.sg are the laser tag specialist who have years of experience in organizing fun indoor laser tag activities. Whether you are looking for an laser tag family experience at your farm house or looking for a corporate team building laser tag activity at your work place, we can assist with you all that and more.

Laser tag is an uncommon fun group activity and since it has various levels/variations, one can always start simple and then go to more difficult stages in laser tag. We at GoTeam Singapore have top notch and professional laser tag equipments and our own self created laser tag software. We are totally dedicated to indoor laser tag games and activities in Singapore and that is why when you go with us for your team activity/birthday party/any other celebration, we ensure your 100% fun and involvement.

The good part about laser tag is that it is for everyone, right from the age group of 8 years to 60 years, and everyone can be a part of the game. This means that no one is unable to play the game, which is great in family get together activities, birthdays and other celebrations. We make sure that every family member has great fun while hitting themselves with laser guns ( only with infrared rays) in our case!
With indoor laser tag’s quirky and unique activities, one doesn’t have to worry about the outside weather and everything can be made as comfortable as possible. Indoor laser tag brings you the outside fun inside and we at GoTeam makes sure that with our team’s experience, you have all the fun and an awesome play with friends, family and work members.

Our equipment is really the best in class, our add-ons like other obstacles, and our top quality laser tag software ensures that you are in full control of the game. You get an real life experience of hitting with laser guns, it hits when you press the trigger and you would see everyone gets so gamed to win!!
Professional Indoor laser tag in Singapore services are provided by only a handful and we at GoTeam are one of the top companies offering our quality laser tag experience to individuals families and corporate companies around Singapore. Don’t look any further in search of best team building activities for your next event or family function, we at GoTeam are here to suggest all possible options to make your event one of the most memorable and fun one!

Laser Tag Strategy 101 Part 1

Alright, so there’s an upcoming laser tag party with your pals, and you’ve made big bets, or someone just won’t stop bragging about their L33t Sk1llz.
No matter the reason, you’ve gotta take them down.

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re gonna break down into 3 simple steps how to break their inflated ego.
For the sake of our dear friends who cannot read beyond 140 characters (Twits for short), today we’ll explore only pregame strategy.

Part 1: Pregame Preparation

1. Attire Colour
To shoot someone, you’ll have to see them first. Wearing bright pink is the surest way to ensure you’re first to die in every game. Wear clothes that will blend with the background, or black shirts for night games. Added bonus if you can allocate team colors and make your opponents the “Lime Green Dream Team”. Their hubris will be their downfall.

2. Running Shoes and Long Pants or Running Tights
Nothing is easier to shoot than a lame duck slapping around in his slippers, bonus points if its the ‘Piak Piak’ kind that announces their presence on hard ground.
Why long pants instead of shorts you say? Won’t that make you hot and slow you down? Laser Tag consists of short sprints from cover to cover. You ain’t playing ultimate frisbee here. When kneeling or drop to the ground to save your ass, checking the ground for dirt is the last thing you need to think about.

3. Overeating
No, not the diet kind. The stuffing your face before a game kind. It will get intense and you will move ALOT. I know the buffet at your laser tag team building session or company cohesion looks good, but exercise some self control please.

If you’re still with us, great job soldier! Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re 1/3 on the journey to lasertag mastery.
Next time, we will explore Part 2: In Game Actions


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