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“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A hundred battles, a hundred victories.”

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WhY Choose go team 

Lets get down to the big question, there’s many other Lasertag Companies in Singapore with much cheaper prices, why choose us?

You’re Paying for the Technology:

These are the guns used by most other providers of mobile laser tag and their cost price:

Nerf Pistols: $80 Per Gun (Henceforth Called NERF)



Cobra Gun: $500+ Per Gun (Henceforth Called COBRA)


GOTEAM Lasertag Pro Rifles: $1400 Per Gun (Henceforth Called GOTEAM)

The key differences between their guns and ours is as follows:


1. Ability to be shot from behind or side, no way to cover the sensors.
Firstly, the sensors of NERF are located only on the top of the gun (the red dome) whereas GOTEAM is located on both our gun and our Bluetooth linked sensor vest which is worn on the body. 

The  problem with a sensor being only on the gun is, if you cover the gun sensor, you become unkillable. Also there is no point in shooting the player, especially from behind. Thus we include the bluetooth linked sensor sling, a light sweatproof web of sensors covering the upper half of the body so you will actually have realistic shooting experience!


2. Shots are clearly seen when they hit
The second important difference is, GO TEAM’s vest will emit a bright light of the team’s color when they are hit, along with a loud alarm when they are dead. This light can be adjusted to be clearly visible even in noonday sunlight, so you always know when a player has been shot.

For the 2 guns shown above (NERF and COBRA), there is no bright visible light emitted that can be seen in noonday sunlight, thus you are unable to see when a player has been shot or know when the player your shooting at is killed, wasting lots of your time shooting dead players. 


3. Less talk, show me Proof! 
Here’s an unedited photo taken by a participant from an event in Singapore NYP using the COBRA series guns. As shown, the players stand in front of each other shooting, without hiding in cover.

Here is an unedited video without any special effects from our previous teambuiling event.

As shown, the gun will announce every kill and the sensors will light up visibly. 


4. I just want to know my kills!

Which brings us to our final feature: Live Scoring DIsplay


With our proprietary EDGE Scoring System unique to us, we will be able to showcase live scoring of every player on our Host System, and if possible, we will project it live as shown below:


With that, you’re never clueless about the scores of each team and your personal points! 



Meet Our Team

NinJo (CEO)
Does Nothing, Takes All the Credit

Shayna (CFO)
Manages Finances, Buys Breakfast

Money makes the world go round. And Shayna makes sure it goes where it belongs (Her Bank). Grounded and reliable, she often works late into the night to ratify the team’s more exuberant investment decisions.

KT Chen (COO)
Employee of the Year, Every Year

Being only 3, KT’s Resume is still rather… unpolished. But what she lacks in experience, she makes up with unbridled enthusiasm! Her ability to fit into small spaces has sustained her employability prospects. It also helps that she’s paid in milk and diapers.

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